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When you love life as much as we do, you realize you have an inheriant obligation to help people create and share precious moments with the people they love. There is no better feeling than building an experience that leaves everyone in awe. Creating memorable moments that kick you in the feels is a passion of ours. Our job is to reach into your brain, grab hold of your vision and paint the night with all of the colors of your dreams. We freaking love what we do!!

...doesn't hurt that we are pretty damn good at it too!! :-)


Perfect Storm MARK smallNOUN: When a combination of events causes an amazing, unforgettable night. 


- Urban Dictionary

2017award winner


You've gotta start somewhere, so we built a few packages to help you consider some options. Our support starts at $1800 for day-of services. Partial to full planning support starts at $3000, and we work with you to fit your needs with your budget. Don't fret though, if you don't see what you want here, contact us for a free consultation. Let's see if we can build your perfect day...
The Moment
The Lightning Storm
The Perfect Storm

The Moment Package

Have you done most of the legwork, but need someone to have your back on the big day? Perfect Storm Moments will be there for you. With this package we will step in 90 days out, look over your plans and progress, and help to dial it all in. .

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We ensure all of your vendors stay on time and on task.


of mind
Let us manage the day, so you can just enjoy it.


Let us guide you through this amazing experience.


We will work with you side-by-side.

The Lightning Storm Package

We will work with you side-by-side to coordinate the entire affair. A detailed plan from start to finish will make sure we help you find and coordinate the right vendors, and coordinate all the logistics of your wedding anywhere in Washington State.

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The Perfect Storm Package

With the this package, we will design the perfect wedding anywhere in the PNW or around the world. Perfect Storm Moments will handle 100% of the planning and coordination of your big day, and more. We will be with you, hand-in-hand, the entire way.

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WOW each and every guest.


Complete logistics, coordination, and so much more.

Leave it a Little Better

 Foot1Looking for ways to minimize the global footprint of your event? We are passionate about minimizing our global impact wherever we can. One of our core missions is, "leave it a little better than we found it" and we build that into everything we do. Both Amy and Aaron are Certified Professionals for Sustainable Events (CPSE) by the Events Industry Council. In our business, and our daily lives, we continue to look for ways to minimize our impact and leave it a little better for our kids. If you are interested, we would love to help you do the same.

Free Consultation

Please complete this form and we will contact you to schedule an appointment as soon as we can. Or call us at 425.956.3313

Our_Team Relax, you're in amazing hands.

Perfect Storm Events is the culmination of collaborations between two of Seattle’s top events professionals, Amy Rathbone and Aaron Shook. The immeasurable force of their collaborations produce incredible, category 5 events that will leave your guests talking for years to come.

Aaron Shook
Amy Rathbone

Aaron Shook


Creative Madman. Otter Wrestler. Eye of the storm

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Amy Rathbone


Design Rockstar. High Heel Aficionado. Lover of all things Rose

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Want to work with the best?

Call Perfect Storm Moments Today



We promise to listen to you. We promise to help you design an event that celebrates all of the things that make you unique and amazing. We promise to help you make smart decisions and navigate the challenges of planning an event. We promise fun and fantastic service. We promise you will be happy you chose Perfect Storm Moments to help plan YOUR moment.




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