Rock The Block Fundraising Gala

Rock the BLOCK Fundraising Gala!

Perfect Storm Moments ROCKED the Seattle NACE FUNdraiser.

One of our favorite events to plan each year is the fundraising gala for Seattle NACE. For the past 4 years Amy and I have had the pleasure of working with a fantastic team of event professionals to push this over-the-top event to new heights.

Each year, we set our sights at out doing ourselves in every aspect. The gala serves multiple functions; it serves as a fundraiser to support the local Seattle chapter of the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE), It serves as a fundraiser for NACE’s community partners (Birthday Dreams this year), but mostly it serves as a celebration for our community of hard working event professionals. It is, as you can imagine, a hard audience to impress.

Our goals are simple – raise a bunch of money, have ALL the fun, showcase the amazing things our event partners are doing, win ALL the awards, and blow some minds – nothing like a little modest goal setting to help set the bar.

For this year’s event, on April 18, 2019, we took over Block 41’s beautiful urban space for a rock n roll extravaganza. An immersive, elegant, and edgy celebration of all things ROCK. Guests were able to indulge like rock stars and show support for two fantastic organizations.

We created an inspiration video to get the vision moving, asked gests to prepare to Hold on to their fishnets and prepare for an energetic evening of music, color, mayhem. They had a backstage pass to a virtual tour of all things rock and roll. Traveled through the origins of rock, descended into the seedy underworld of punk and grunge and dined like hair-band kings and queens.

Freddie Mercury made a guest appearance and rocked the roof off, we had a motorcycle selfie stand, live-band karaoke, artists, acrobats, roller girls, food, fun, and live tattooing – YES, real tattoos.

David Lobban, of Lobban Photography Inc, and Megan Swann, of Megan Swann Photography, captured some beautiful images of the event. A few of which you can see below, or you can check out the full albums on the Seattle NACE Facebook page here & here

Brian Waltz, our lighting designer and owner of LightSmiths shot a great video of the transformed space that you can watch here or below. It took a tremendous effort from a fabulous team to pull this off and we could not have done it without any of them:

Thank you to Everyone involved!!

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