Wedding Branding Made Easy

Wedding Branding Made Easy with Basic Invite

When it comes to creating a truly unique and memorable wedding these days, your #brand is everything. Creating a cohesive brand-arc, that carries across the entire journey, can be a challenging time-suck for couples, even those with marketing backgrounds. Building the vision of your aquatic themed ceremony and celebration is one thing, but carrying that theme throughout the experience with things like, nautical themed bridal shower invitations, followed up by cohesively branded bridal shower thank you cards, takes a ton of attention and energy. You have the vision, but how do you find the time?!?

Basic Invite Wood Brand

Hiring a planner is a fantastic way to have support, eyes, and energy in staying “on brand”. At Perfect Storm Moments, building and maintaining your brand is just one of the many services that comes with our Premier Design & Planning Experience. We take your ideas and build a cohesive, thoughtful brand to help carry your vision over the arc of the entire experience.

For our couples that opt to manage much of the design and planning on their own, we are always excited to introduce them to fantastic services, like Basic Invite. Basic Invite takes the pain and frustration out of managing each of the design elements. Couples can select from over 300 unique, mobile-friendly wedding websites,customize with a massive array of color options, add personal images, and… voila, your love-brand is alive and breathing. Couples can go nuts with the myriad services and options that Basic Invite has to offer in staying on brand: build invites, menus, thank you cards and more, all with the same look and feel. Collect addresses for your guests, Seal & Send, and then sit back and enjoy what matters – Each Other.

Being from the Northwest, we have a deep appreciation for all things water and green. Water and earth elements are hot everywhere right now and easily work their way in to so many unique wedding designs. Playing off those elements, we love the way Basic Invite has created really fun ideas like, nautical themed bridal shower invitations, to help bring a playful touch to some of the various elements of the marriage journey. How fantastic to have such easy to use ideas and templates as a starting point for building a bridal shower experience that carries across the water theme in such a frisky way. Then, in just a few clicks, be able to give thanks and gratitude to everyone that came to the shower with bridal shower thank you cards – for the love of all that is sweet and simple, YES PLEASE!

Basic Invite Wedding Invite

A great brand starts with a fabulous vision. One of the things we love the most at Perfect Storm Moments is diving into your vision and bringing it to life. Having great tools and support options like Basic Invite for our couples makes it easy for us to help them manage their brand and design.

Need help figuring out where to start, or how to hone in on YOUR brand, let us know what questions you have. We are here to help.

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