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Amy Rathbone, cpce

Amy Rathbone could design a beautiful event out of a box of shoestrings, grass clippings, and a pile of used bubble gum, but what makes her truly special is her absolute dedication to 5-star service. An eye for detail, attention to her clients' desires, and passion for creating deeply powerful moments are just of the few things that make her one of the most respected planners in the Puget Sound Region. Your event will be THE event in Amy's thoughtful and capable hands.

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Aaron Shook, cpce

Known as the MacGyver of the events world, if you want to float in to your wedding on a giant unicorn-filled bubble, followed by a procession of butterflies... well Aaron, just might be able to make that happen. Passionate about putting clients' and guests' experience above all things, Aaron constantly strives to delight. An outside-the-box thinking, creative madman, with an acute attention to flow and logistics, Aaron will ensure your entire event goes off with out a hitch.


All of our clients receive the benefits of having our A-Team of two experienced professionals plan their event and oversee the day of operations. With a combined 50+ years (Say what?! We aren’t as old as that makes us sound, ha!) of luxury hospitality experience between us, plus 500 weddings and thousands of other momentous occasions under our belts, we truly understand the ins and outs of building a thoughtful and seamless event that will ‘wow’ your guests for years to come. We take pride in bringing creative, innovative ideas into the planning process for our events. We are actively involved and well-connected in the wedding and event industry, and we thrive on great collaboration with other top local and national event professionals. We are attentive, flexible, organized, and come armed with solutions for even the most dreaded event catastrophes. We’ve got your back! 

We are both Certified Professionals in Catering & Events, and have both received our Sustainable Event Professional Certificate. We are committed to leaving this planet a little better than it was before we found it, and we love helping our clients find small or big ways to contribute in that journey as well. We are passionate about what we do, we pour our hearts into our work, and we love seeing our clients’ dreams come to life!

We are Perfect Storm Moments, Amy & Aaron… We are your A-Team. It’s so nice to meet you. 

Perfect Storm Moments | plural noun

/`pәrfikt/ /stôrm/ /`mōm­әnts/

Definition: unusually powerful and epic experiences produced when a combination of unique and exceptional elements join forces

We cannot wait to be a part of your
Perfect Storm Moments!