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Do you have loved ones unable to attend your wedding in person, but want to celebrate and support from afar? The Perfect Storm Mobile Moments virtual wedding kit allows them to be a part of your wedding day no matter where they are in the world. Virtual guests receive a carefully curated package to bring the experience to them, plus the digital infrastructure to get them “there” from start to finish.

All your guests need is an internet connection to be able to attend virtually – Perfect Storm Mobile Moments will guide them through the rest so they won’t have to miss a moment!

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Mobile Moments Theme Options

  • Pacific Northwest 
  • Rustic Elegance
  • Vineyard Vibe
  • Boho Sunset
  • Glitzy Glam
  • More themes coming soon!
  • Custom ideas are welcome!

We also have fabulous themes available for birthdays, anniversaries, showers, corporate team building events, and many other types of celebrations and events. Contact Us Now to talk about how our Mobile Moments Kits can enhance your event.

How does Mobile Moments work?

Here is an example of the process and how we creates a meaningful virtual wedding experience. 

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Mobile Moments Infographic

The Details

Perfect Storm Mobile Moments handles 100% of the logistics, technology, and coordination for your virtual guest experience. Whether just a few guests participate, or your entire guest list, we create an experience that enables guests to feel connected to every moment of your wedding day. 

Once we have settled on the theme and any add-ins, Perfect Storm Mobile Moments creates a custom instructional letter and how-to video that shows your guests how to participate, decorate, and most importantly, have fun. We build a custom virtual timeline for key moments, and even create custom recipe cards to help them enjoy the same meal as you. We package and ship everything to arrive in advance of your wedding and provide support whenever needed. On the wedding day, virtual guests will be able to enjoy every moment from the vows to toasting and dancing, and even interact with other guests at their virtual dining table. Plus, you’ll be able to pop by and visit during the reception! Afterward, you’ll have access to all the virtual photo booth images and guest interactions at their “tables”. It is the next best thing to having your loved ones there in person, and allows you to share in all the moments!

~ Pricing starting at $105 per kit (equal to $52.50 per guest)
*plus tax, shipping, and coordination fee

*Additional guests can be added to each kit for $20 per additional guest shipped to the same address.

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Mobile Moments Kit

Perfect Storm Moments | plural noun

/`pәrfikt/ /stôrm/ /`mōm­әnts/

Definition: unusually powerful and epic experiences produced when a combination of unique and exceptional elements join forces

We cannot wait to be a part of your Perfect Storm Moments!