Aaron & Amy, wedding planners


Based in Seattle, we are a wedding planner & florist creating stunning events throughout the Pacific Northwest & beyond. Learn a little bit about our team and the things we value below.

Who We Are


We are a husband & wife team that has owned, operated, & worked in the wedding & event industry our entire lives. We are passionate about design & details, experts in food & beverage, and deeply involved in the industry. 

Everything we do is to provide you with an exceptional experience from start to finish. Throughout this process many of our clients start to feel like family to us—and we’ve been told the same by many of them!

Our Mission


Our Mission is simple: Create stunning events for anyone and everyone while fostering a thriving and inclusive wedding and events community. 

We are passionate about creating intentional opportunity for equity and allyship in our industry, by showing up to conversations with openness and compassion.

We are in the business of creating moments that bring people and communities together. Above all, this is the mission at the heart of all we do.

Our Values


Family and a good work-life balance

Inclusive communities and equity of access

Beautiful moments and memories

Allyship and showing up for our community

A good cup of coffee

Saving the oceans


Amy Rathbone

Amy Rathbone

Owner & Design Rockstar
With more than 20 years of experience in designing beautiful events in the Northwest and beyond, Amy's passion and skill are unmatched. She has an eye for color and design and a seemingly infinite amount of ideas for how to make your wedding uniquely yours. Passionate about life, family, coffee, and a good glass of wine, Amy is a master at her craft in every way.
Amy & Aaron

Perfect Storm Moments

Born out of a love for each other as well as weddings and events, theirs is a partnership emersed in love, design, art, and family and they truly delight in bringing their passion to the front of everything they do.

Both Amy & Aaron have served on the board of several industry organizations like Seattle NACE and the Washington Hospitality Association, and continue to be very active in the greater wedding and events community.
Aaron Shook

Aaron Shook

Owner & Creative Madman
Aaron has been in the event and hospitality for over 30 years and has seen and done it all. With a background in art, theater, and food & beverage, he loves to bring his creativity and whimsy into all that he does. Whether building custom sets and backdrops or running logistics on the event day Aaron is certain to bring a touch of calm and fun to all that he does.

Things that matter to us


Leave it a little better...

5 Easy choices to green your wedding

We are passionate about making choices that help to reduce our footprint on our planet and our communities, and we love to work with couples and partners that share our values. Here are some easy tips to help reduce the impact of your wedding or event:

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